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Amya Roxxstar-Making Moves

1. Hip Hop week performance in Newark, NJ

2.Signing autographs in Atlanta at the BKO Alopecia Awareness Event

3. Performing at the BKO event in Atlanta

4. Amya Roxxstar, N.I.A. and Shaniah with her dancers

5.NuRadio interview with Wynter with a Y in Atlanta

6.Amya Roxxstar and N.I.A.

7.Hip Hop week performance at Essex County College in Newark, NJ

8. Amya Roxxstar with ATL's new sensation Silento

9.Amya Roxxstar with N.I.A., Shaniah and King Roscoe on Young World Radio in Atlanta

10. Amya Roxxstar and Shaniah hanging out on Shaniah's radio show

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